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Issue thirty two – September 1st 2013

Сентябрь 1, 2013

Привет из 1 сентября) — приглашение к созданию альбома, треки до 15 ноября.

» Blessings and Joy» — немногие кидают в воздух такие пожелания на музыкальных сайтах.

Culture is not your friend!


Issue thirty two – September 1st 2013

The best music I have heard in the past month was the constant drumming and determined shouting of the protesters who marched together on a huge demonstration that demanded mercy, respect and security for living creatures that happen not to be humans. We have long forgotten that this world belongs also to the animals, and so we, the people who marched on the streets meant to serve as a reminder for that fact. The constant hiss of shoes hitting the asphalt was a catalyst for the intense rhythm of the furious drums and the almost meditative demands, shouted like a blizzard from the mouths of 5000 people. I have been a part of this, I have listened to it hammering my head for three hours, and it was beautiful.

Let me remind you about our upcoming Christmas compilation

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  1. homo mundi и его авторитеты

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