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Kate Carr ~ Songs from a Cold Place

Сентябрь 1, 2013

a closer listen

Songs from a cold place.jpgKate Carr‘s spring trip to Iceland has given the artist new energy and inspiration, along with a new instrument (the langspil).  In addition to her new album, a combination of field recordings and additional layerings of music, she’s also been recording a new guitar piece every day.  (See Carr’s blog for details.)  Another reason to visit the artist’s site is to hear the original Icelandic field recordings and to compare them with the finished works:  «Slowly melting snow» has become «melt», «Geese take flight» is preserved in its original form, and so on.  (Note to the artist: please release the originals on a CD3″!)

It’s easy to see why Carr has extended these recordings.  Sometimes a snippet is not enough; for example, the 1:06 of «Ice lake groaning».  What artists hear on location is not all they experience, remember or hope to capture.  Carr’s re-workings can be considered translations…

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